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Coronavirus for Physical Therapist

It's been couple of weeks since we are in this pandemic and it still taking a toll on all of us especially the front-liners. As people stay in their homes and businesses still shut down, many people still have to go out and run towards danger as everybody else runs away from it. As a physical therapist, we are still out there dealing with different patients with different conditions and unfortunately even patients with coronavirus. As the coronavirus presents with or without symptoms, it also makes it detrimental for us to treat our patients on a daily basis. Couple of therapists that I have met passed away due to exposure from their jobs and just from being around people that are infected. As testing sites expand to more areas with vaccines and medicines getting available on the market, when would it be safe to be really out there and functional as we did before? Is it really a fair move to shutdown almost everything in our community due to what others claim "just a virus"? When would it be over? Seeing patients and helping them get better with or without coronavirus is what we signed up for but as the numbers go up and some colleagues, friends and love ones perish, it becomes a very scary duty to perform. As the volume of patients go down, the compensation is also affected. The signs are already changed from staying home saves lives to cover your face when in public. What do you guys think about the current pandemic and how does it affect your lifestyle in your own way?

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