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Racism and Therapy

The year has been very compelling for all of us including healthcare professionals to treat everyone with utmost respect and equality. As an immigrant myself of the greatest country in the world, I was able to understand the value of equality and openness around me. I started working in Brooklyn years ago having mostly african american patients and it was very intimidating at first. I learned a lot from my patients, coworkers and community of the culture, food even some words or languages that some regards as slang. As a young physical therapist back then I embraced the culture and lifestyle of Brooklyn. With what is happening right now, it is sad that issue of racisms is getting worst and movements around the country is causing disturbance to even small communities and businesses. As i treat patients, I also learned the history oppression and suffering that african americans had gone through in the past. That made me realize that even to this day, systemic racism still exist. In my own way as a doctor of physical therapist, I always make sure my patients get the best quality care I can provide and make them comfortable without any sign of disrespect or inequality. As physical therapist, we should be well informed of our patients culture and demographics to make our practice more productive and help our patients get the care that is second to none. Any comments and suggestions about this article please don't hesitate to hit us up and sign up. More power and more mobile.

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