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How to prepare for your upcoming procedure

Preparing for a medical procedure is never an easy task. From no food intake 24 hours before the procedure to drinking gallons of nasty fluids. In the physical therapy clinic, patients tend to just show up, do their therapy procedures and leave to call it a session. In terms of physical therapy, patients also need to prepare for their session depending on what their reasons or goals for the visit. For patients doing therapy because of their excruciating pain, doing therapy alone would hinder their performance and effectivity of treatment. We recommend at least to make their pain less by taking their medicine as prescribed before the session or at least warm or cold pack on the area that would get treated. For neurologic patient including stroke, we encourage patients to somehow take their prescribed medication to reduce spasticity and stiffness on their affected body parts. Aside from making the therapy procedures more efficient, it also makes the therapist and patient coordinate better for a successful session. There are a lot of ways to prepare for any medical procedure but physical therapy procedures would also require cooperation and preparation from our patients to maximize rehab potential and achieve the goal without hindrance.

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