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Exercises for healing and rehabilitation.

A lot of patients in my practice consider exercises as detrimental or not beneficial to their physical therapy procedures. Most of them always make excuses not to do them or just takes it for granted when they come for their therapy session. As a doctor of physical therapy, I always promote health and wellness with exercises as part of our daily routine, something like eating, drinking and sleeping. Here are tips on how therapeutic exercises help with patients suffering from any type of pain and even to those who just gets tired and weak from their everyday routine.

1. Therapeutic exercises improves circulation and washes away pain metabolites on the body that is hurting. As we do exercises, we facilitate muscle contraction that allows oxygenated blood with nutrients to flow towards the area that requires healing and exchanges it with wastes including pain metabolites.

2. Exercises mobilize joints and articulating tissues. Being said, movement of joint and articulating tissues maintains flexibility, mobility and prevents complications like contractures and stiffness.

3. Improves strength and stability. With exercises especially resistance type of exercises, the muscles even the bones adapt and promotes growth and formation. That would reduce the tendency of having pain from instability and muscle imbalance.

4. Exercises gives a sense of achievement and better well being. Upon completing exercises, individuals even patients get a sense of accomplishment from overcoming a hard task. It also promotes better breathing and cardiac health.

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